Close but No Cigar – Boutique Woes

“Close, but no cigar” – does anyone even say that other than my parents?

I feel so close, yet so far to launching the boutique.  There are some things that still need to be worked out, supply wise and legally that are holding me up. I actually found out from my lawyer, that I need to change the name of the boutique.  So I’m working on that now, I have a few ideas, I just need to draft a new logo.

I also attended Making Things Happen this week and it absolutely changed me (I’ll try to have a review of my experience up this week).  I have decided that instead of carrying alot of things in the boutique that I like, I would rather only carry a few things that I absolutely loved.  So I will be hand selecting and only selling things that I love.  I believe that the more that I love my products, the more that you will, too.


After all, Small is the New Big.